Newsletter – March 2017

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It’s Our NHS

Thank you to the 200,000+ people who joined KONP, Health Campaigns Together, campaign groups from all over England, Unite The Union, Royal College of Midwives, Unison and many other unions and tens of thousands of health workers on the 4th March to campaign against privatisation of #ourNHS

March 4th Demo
March 4th Demo
March 4th Demo


4th March demonstration for the NHS and Social Care

It was a very successful rally, called by Health Campaigns Together and The People's Assembly. Thank you to everyone who disseminated leaflets to advertise the demo, rest assured your efforts paid off!

Thanks also to those of you who handed out OurNHS leaflets and HCT newspapers on the day. Through the success of this event we hope to attract more members to KONP and affiliations to HCT and strengthen the movement year round.

KONP Co-Chair Tony O'Sullivan's speech at the demonstration can be now viewed on YouTube. Some more YouTube videos of the March can be found here and here.


Press Interest

National press interest continues to build, with enquiries coming to Alan Taman usually several times weekly now. Latest quotes were in the Independent and the Morning Star. Locally, more groups are achieving ‘hits’ with their local press. Please ask Alan for advice on how to do this, or sustain it.

4th March Press

Thanks to Ramona McCartney from The People's Assembly Against Austerity, Alan Taman from KONP and HCT and Vicky Penner from the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign for managing media and social media and press on the day. A list of media reports (compiled by Vicky) about the 4th March Demonstration can be found here.

4th March Demo
Over 200,000 people joined the march on the 4th March 2017 to protest NHS and Social Care cuts and privatisation

Looking forward to a week of action in July

After such a successful demonstration, KONP immediately called for a week of action in July. Health Campaigns Together and People’s Assembly added to this, announcing two nationally coordinated days of action. The first will be on Saturday 1st July with street parties, protests and leafleting, all depending on local circumstances. We plan one major event in central London. The second day of action marks the 69th anniversary of the NHS 5thJuly. This will involve all kinds of campaigning and – where appropriate! – celebratory events, showing our support to our NHS staff working in hospitals, mental health, ambulance, community and primary care services up and down the land. We will keep you updated with how you can get involved!

STP News

Leicester STP Report by KONP's Dr Sally Ruane

Dr Sally Ruane of Leicester KONP was interviewed by BBC about her report on the STP for Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland. Dr Ruane has written a comprehensive report on STP footprint 15 and outlined the concerns and threats it raises. A video of the BBC news report in which Sally is interviewed can be found on YouTube. Well done on all your efforts.

Two important reports undermine Department of Health and NHS England’s claims that they will save £22b from predicted annual funding needs of the NHS by 2020 by developing better integrated health and social care in the community over the next three years!

There have been two significant reports refuting NHS England's claim in March. One came from the National Audit Office who said:

Integrating the health and social care sectors is a significant challenge in normal times, let alone times when both sectors are under such severe pressure. So far, benefits have fallen far short of plans, despite much effort. It will be important to learn from the over-optimism of such plans when implementing the much larger NHS sustainability and transformation plans. The Departments do not yet have the evidence to show that they can deliver their commitment to integrated services by 2020, at the same time as meeting existing pressures on the health and social care systems. Amyas Morse, head of National Audit Office, 8.2.17

The other is a report by The Nuffield Trust which makes the points that whilst great community care would be wonderful if it existed;

A. it would require significant investment but there is none

B. it would take far longer than the five years (3 years now to 2020/21)


The report makes many other helpful points that support ideas KONP have had for years and can be found here.

4th March Demo
Healthcare professionals attended the demonstration on the 4th of March for OurNHS and Social Care.

NHS News

The Guardian reported that record numbers of EU nurses have been quitting the NHS

In the article, published on 18th March, they cite figures which show that the number of EU nationals registering as nurses since Brexit has fallen by 92%. They highlight that in December 2016 only 96 nurses joined the NHS from other European Nations, comparing this to 1,304 European recruits in July of the same year.

This government have already stopped funding bursaries for student nurses. In dissuading qualified nurses from the EU and those who wish to become registered nurses and cannot afford to train, who does the government believe will fill this gap?

Reports that Liverpool CCG bosses have received 50% pay rises was put to Theresa May at PMQ's

May responded by promising an investigation into the pay hike which Hunt has now requested of NHS England. The issue was bought to the Prime Minister's attention by Labour MP of West Lancashire, Rosie Cooper. She labelled the pay hikes 'scandalous' and made reference to the 'grotesque failings' occurring at Liverpool Community Health Trust alongside the astronomical pay increases of the CCG bosses. Proof, if you needed it, of where the CCGs' priorities lie.

The BBC reported on this story. Please get in touch with local group KONP Merseyside for specific campaigning in the Merseyside area.

European day of Action against Health Commercialisation 7th April

At 12.30 on the 7th April you can take to Twitter using the #HEALTHFORALL to add your voice to the European movement against health commercialisation. Please add some detail about what is going on here in the UK. For more information on how to get involved please watch this video.

4th March Demo

Health Campaigns Together News No 6 (April)

The latest issue of Health Campaigns Together News (6, April) will be out next week, 12 pages crammed full of news and advice. Orders can be made via the KONP website or via the Health Campaigns Together site. London groups can pick their copies up from the London office if they prefer. Bri will be in the office on Tuesdays and Fridays.

New Shipment of KONP Badges

We have received a bulk shipment of 'NHS not for Sale Badges'. If you'd like to stock up please visit our shop on the KONP website or you can email [email protected].

Donate! - Please help our cause

Please consider donating regularly to KONP, we rely on donations and affiliations to run so all donations, one off or standing order, are very much appreciated. You can do so via our website or get in touch with our national administrator for information on other methods of paying: [email protected].

From the Hackney Office

If you have a query or would like to get in touch about anything please don't hesitate to contact us via [email protected] or on 0207 241 4443 ext:210.

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