Naylor Review: NHS Land and Buildings Sell Off

Sir Robert Naylor proposes selling off NHS land and bulidings
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The 2017 ‘Naylor Review’ proposes selling up to £5.7billion-worth of NHS land and buildings. The government plans that property developers will handle sales – and share the receipts. As well as empty sites, the Government plans to sell ‘inefficiently used’ buildings. This will then rented back to the NHS at extortionate rates. This can’t be allowed to happen. 

Check out our What You Need to Know video on the Naylor Review here:

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You can also read an in-depth report on the Naylor Review.



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  1. None of the property belongs to anyone except the Taxpayer who paid for it in the beginning, this Tory government are asset stripping OUR country.
    There is NO mandate to do this its defrauding the public, Labour should reverse any of these Tory actions with NO recompense just so the Greed of Developers and Shareholders realise they will NOT profit from which is PUBLIC PROPERTY

  2. Company governing the sell-off and developers buying the land will benefit. Pressure and overhead for the NHS people forced to sell before any investment funding.
    Several areas already suffering from the IPA? debarkle.
    Was interesting (last year?) when the report was first available- I looked for it after seeing the NHS plan – the consultancy companies document “commercial in confidence- not to be shared with 3rd parties” was live and public on the website. Interesting read.

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