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Health Campaigns Together & The People’s Assembly have called for a Day of Protest on Saturday 3 February in response to the worsening Winter Crisis.

Dates, times, transport details on events page


Our NHS is in a serious crisis. Ambulances queuing for hours to hand over seriously ill patients, patients left in corridors waiting for beds, operations postponed, and mental health patients taken hundreds of miles to find a bed.

Theresa May & Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt issued a hollow apology and deny any crisis! But the problem comes from deliberate government policy of cuts, bed closures, pay restraint and privatisation. Our NHS has been starved of funding with inadequate investment in staff and resources. 8,000 front line beds and 20% of mental health beds have closed. Eight years of below inflation pay settlements have contributed to 100,000 vacant posts for health professionals – leaving no spare capacity for peaks of demand & increasing the pressure on the dedicated staff who remain.

We don’t want apologies, we demand change. On 3 February we are organising a national day of action – an emergency demonstration in London and nationwide protests to demand:

End the winter crisis with a cash injection to restore the NHS budget

Commit to increased funding each year

End the cap on NHS pay

No cuts, no closures, no privatisation

Emergency Demonstration – London

Assemble: 12noon, Gower Street, London WC1E (near UCL Hospital)
Rally: Trafalgar Sq or Whitehall (to be confirmed)
Please head to The People’s Assembly website for transport details.

Regional protests

There will be local and regional events as part of the day of protest around the country.
More details soon from HCT, The People’s Assembly websites and here at our KONP events page.


Please download and print the promotional materials below
A3 poster
A5 Flyer

Please email [email protected] if you wish to be sent some flyers, detailing your address and the amount you require.

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  1. Signed letter from Doctors on NHS Crisis to MRS MAY that patients are dying in Ambulances- On corridors, through excessive traveling time to get treatment as their local A&E as been closed, How much more do we need to note NH England and the Minister Jeremy Hunt is not working in the best interest of patient or the public at large? When will we make him accountable for his actions, removing that constant SMIRK from his face?

    • We have to protect our NHS. THE GOV’T #May #Hunt are not acting in the public’s best interest. It is our money and we want the BHS to remain unprivatised and decently funded. They are pirates lining other pirates pockets

  2. Hope Labour renationalises every single thing the Tories have sold off for peanuts – no compensation””

  3. Jeremy Hunt needs to go. He wants to destroy NHS before privatising it. One more hospital is at the verge of closure in most deprived area of country Tyne & wear , planned game plan of managers & hunt to fund their pocket

  4. ‘NO’ to privatisation. They are trying to wear us down
    but together we are strong. Stand up and see off Hunt, Duncan-Smith and the rest.

  5. Think about it can we do with or WITHOUT THE NHS??????? Everyone at some point in time or a relative has used this wonderful service which has stood for many years it’s a Need not a luxury if you unfortunately become ill how will you afford treatment when it goes Private??? The politicians with there 2 homes and plenty of perks are Ok to go private what about the rest of us!

    If your thinking what is he ranting on about I have first hand experience of the service the NHS has provided to my 9 year old son who has been diagnosed with Leukemia and have truly appreciated the help I have received to the point me and my partner now raise as much funding as possible to give back to the wonderful NHS so please everyone help out NOW!!!!

  6. It is a sad affair that we have a great service staffed by great people and funded by the blue meanies. The next election will be won by Labour and the accounting will begin. Time to call in the IOU’s from those wealthy enough to afford to donate towards people who worked hard for their living. We are living in a land bled by the rich and plastered over to cover their misgivings. Good luck with the march, I am a patient in their 60’s and trying to survive.

  7. More info on when don’t know about where because we should all be there. Not sure where the where should be, there ought not to be a place big enough for everyone

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