Press Summary: 10 January 2017

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3 January

NHS faces worst January for beds

ITN News:

Also the Sun:

Call for referendum on the NHS



Don’t go to A&E unless you are dying

Daily Mail


7 Day NHS unrealistic

RCGP Chair’s comments in the Mirror:


4 January


London winter meltdown (local)

Evening Standard:


Devon hospital closures will be ‘huge risk’ (local)

Express & Echo:

Local group quotes form the lead for this story; well done, Devon and Exeter.


2016 was worst year in NHS history

Kailash Chand’s opinion piece in the Guardian:


NHS spends millions on private companies that block GP referrals

On the growing concern over ‘management centres’



The Morning Star approached Alan Taman about this for comment at very short notice (under 45 mins to deadline) and ran the quote:

(saying ‘well done’ would seem self-serving so I’m not going to! AT)


6 January


Vale of York CCG urges people not to ‘misuse’ A&E (local)

The same CCG that recently succeeded in getting CQC approval to withhold elective surgery from people who are obese, smoke, or both. Yet another chapter in the ‘blame the sick’ narrative emerging, which shifts responsibility from government to the ‘undeserving sick’.

The Press (York):


Three die at Worcs hospital in winter crisis


Followed by the Red Cross announcement that the NHS was suffering a humanitarian crisis:

Daily Mail:


I’m a junior doctor and I’m terrified for this winter

Aislinn Macklin-Doherty’s opinion piece in the Guardian (Aislinn is one of the founder members of the Junior Doctors Alliance, a campaign organised via social media. The JDA can be found on Facebook easily.)


Cold or cowardly? Hunt hides as Red Cross warn of crisis

Mirror’s take on Hunt’s tardy response:

Also the Independent:


7 January


Readers dismayed over plane to move Women’s Hospital (local)

Quote from Alex Scott-Samuel, Merseyside KONP. Well done Alex

Liverpool Echo:


8 January


NHS denies Red Cross claims



May cannot ignore NHS crisis

Guardian (actually she pretty much did!):

Corbyn calls for May to explain to Parliament (she didn’t). Independent:


May denies there is an NHS crisis

BBC News:


BMA and unions accuses May of being in denial over crisis



Make a 999 call for the NHS

Mirror’s editorial calling for action to save the NHS. Hurrah:


‘I go home and weep’ – hell of working in front-line NHS



Worst conditions in memory

The Guardian’s compilation piece from medics:


Labour say systematic under-funding to blame for crisis



Editorial on NHS crisis



Tory Minister says tax rise and reorganised health and social care IS… ‘possible’ (local)

Only a local comment, but this does show even Tories can see the light! After they have lost power in this case, granted. Eastern Daily Press:


9 January


Corbyn calls on May to heal crisis

Includes comment by David Wrigley from KONP’s press release on the Red Cross statement. Well done us? Morning Star:


Comment/analysis: The news pattern since the Red Cross announcement seems to reflect a government agenda of initial avoidance followed by denial then displacement. Hunt’s carefully assembled remarks about ‘having a dialogue about A&E use’ (with its implied narrative of public misuse of the service) delivered alongside May’s exhortations for the public to ‘be more responsible’ are consistent with that: denial followed by distraction leading to blame shifting.


Cartoon on the state of the NHS

Guardian. Tempting to use widely – remember, copyright applies.


10 January


Full extent of winter crisis shown by leaked document

BBC News:


McDonnell calls for NHS audit now



There were several enquiries relating to the Red Cross statement and KONP’s subsequent press release commenting on it. These included requests from the Morning Star, ITN News, and The Victoria Derbyshire programme (BBC). Other enquiries to KONP nationally have included several freelances on STPs and privatisation; and Voice of Islam Radio have agreed to run a 2-hour programme on the NHS in the near future. Several branches are sending in press releases – thank you. We need more! Local successes are at least matching national ‘presence’, which is to be expected – but it helps to know of any successes, or even unsuccessful attempts. Please send to Alan Taman: [email protected]


This service is provided as a guide to the main stories, but you can get alerts sent about health stories yourself every day. This is done through Google news and Google alerts: free services anyone can set up. To find out how to do this, go to the Steering Group, News & Events section on the KONP website ( ) and look for the “starter set of instructions”.


Mobile devices also have free apps that provide news, which you can filter with varying degrees of control.


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