Press Summary: 15 April

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The following stories were selected from those sent as daily alerts under the search term ‘NHS’, and ‘Keep Our NHS Public’ from the Google alerts service. Please send any comments to Alan: [email protected]

6 April

 Anti-austerity march 16 April

Call to action for tomorrow’s big march

Socialist Worker:

[16 more stories]

Also 16 April demos in Leeds trailed with junior doctors mentioned . Yorkshire Evening Post: (local)


NHS staff underpaid and under pressure

Morning Star: last in a series of articles looking at NHS privatisation by John Lister:,-underpaid-and-under-pressure#.VxDKMMcryLU


Privatisation deal fears in East Riding (local)

Straight reporting over tendering scandal in Hull. Hull Daily Mail:


7 April


NHS under threat form Tories, not EU

Caroline Lucas’s well-written piece in the Huffington Post:

8 April


Junior docs march in Newcastle 9 April

KONP gets a mention. Northern Echo (local)


Retiring GP warns of NHS collapse (local)

Local GP tells it the way it is. Grimsby Telegraph:


9 April


Camden out of hours GP contract taken off private company (local)

Camden KONP mentioned, well done Camden. Camden New Journal:

Islington victory (local)

The same story, this time with Islington KONP mentioned. Well done both:

Islington Tribune:


Out of hospital services put out to tender, local groups protest (local)

South Warwicks KONP quoted, well done: Leamington Courier


12 April


NHS managers told to review cancer care plans as private tender scheme scrutinised (local)

Following the collapse of the controversial plans to out-source cancer care in Staffs, successfully fought by local campaigners including KONP. Stoke Sentinel:


Private ambulance contract chaos

Utter shambles risks lives as yet another private company, Coperforma, fails completely to provide the public with the service their money was given to them for; ambulance provision on the south-east coast, in this case. How many more before the lie is obvious: private is NOT the best answer? Guardian:


13 April


Exeter walk-in centre: campaign started to keep open (local)

Exeter KONP main focus of this story, well done: Exeter Echo:


McDonnel and Alexander told to ditch Burnham-era policies

Report of meeting with NHS campaigners at House of Commons. Open Democracy:


14 April


South Warwicks MPs protest as NHS service put out to tender (local)

South Warwicks KONP instrumental in this one as well! Stratford upon Avon Herald:


Boots accused of ripping off NHS by advocating unnecessary treatments

The inevitable result of applying neoliberal ideals to a public health service?

Management Today (MT is the leading title in this business sector):


This string of local stories covering KONP victories show it can be done, and people will get to hear about us in those local areas as a direct result.


Leave campaign backed by senior anti-NHS Tories

Morning Star:

Also echoed in Guardian:


STOP PRESS: There’s a Better Way…

You can now get alerts sent about health stories yourself. This is much better than a regular, ‘supplied’ service because you can choose what key words trigger the alerts: “Keep Our NHS Pubic”, “NHS”, “health” – your choice. Then you can adjust the settings to improve the coverage. This has the added advantage that local stories to you can be searched for, as well as national. Alerts can be set up to send you an e-mail as a story breaks, or summarise them under headings you decide once a day.

This is done through Google news and Google alerts: free services anyone can set up. To find out how to do this, go to the Steering Group, News & Events section and look for the “starter set of instructions”.

… and please don’t forget, your smartphone or tablet will have free apps that look for and filter news, too: try configuring those for health stories, or the NHS, as well.

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