Press Summary: 15 March

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The following stories were selected from those sent as daily alerts under the search term ‘NHS’, and ‘Keep Our NHS Public’ from the Google alerts service. Please send any comments to Alan: [email protected]

8 March

Bath campaigners street protest for NHS Bill (local)

Bath Chronicle:

[26 more stories]

Why MPs should back the NHS Bill



Brighton campaigners stage die-in (local)

The Argus:


9 March


UK government moving to US system

Economic critique: Economy Watch:


Stroud campaigners to join doctor’ strike (local)

Stroud News, announced before the strike, well done Stroud Against the Cuts:


Leeds campaigners to encircle Leeds hospital

Again, announced before the action, well done Leeds KONP: Yorkshire Evening Post


Over 5,000 operations to be cancelled through doctors’ strike



10 March


Devon and Exeter doctors begin strike (local)

Express & Echo (Devon):


Plymouth doctors begin strike (local)

Herald (Plymouth):


Junior doctor warns colleagues will leave NHS

Sky News:

Doctors strike also covered in:

Daily Mail:

BBC News:


Caroline Lucas calls for MPs to back NHS Bill



Bigger picture behind doctors’ strike



11 March


WHO: UK no longer has an NHS




Hospitals dangerously overwhelmed



Health senior managers warn strike is having effect

BBC News:


Junior doctors radicalised

Polly Tonybee’s article. Guardian:


Tory MPs talk out Bill


Also covered by the Independent:


12 March


Campaigners object to Stevens’ speech (local)

Getting some mention of privatisation in what would otherwise have been a promotional gig for Stevens. Wigan Today:


Anti-austerity groups demo in support of doctors (local)

Gloucestershire Echo:


Unite claim government reluctant to exempt NHS from TTIP



Anger over lack of Labour support for Bill

Socialist Party:


Royal College says not enough doctors for 7 day NHS

Pity it took a Royal College to point out the merits of numeracy to this government…

BBC News:


NHS now at crisis point for cash



STOP PRESS: There’s a Better Way…

You can now get alerts sent about health stories yourself. This is much better than a regular, ‘supplied’ service because you can choose what key words trigger the alerts: “Keep Our NHS Pubic”, “NHS”, “health” – your choice. Then you can adjust the settings to improve the coverage. This has the added advantage that local stories to you can be searched for, as well as national. Alerts can be set up to send you an e-mail as a story breaks, or summarise them under headings you decide once a day.

This is done through Google news and Google alerts: free services anyone can set up. To find out how to do this, go to the Steering Group, News & Events section and look for the “starter set of instructions”.

… and please don’t forget, your smartphone or tablet will have free apps that look for and filter news, too: try configuring those for health stories, or the NHS, as well.

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