Press Summary: 22 November

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Press summary logo11 November

Campaigners fear Whittington’s A&E department could face new closure threat (local)

Islington Tribune. Quote from Sue Richards for KONP Islingotn. Well done, Sue.

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Virgin Care grab continues

Charting the remorseless advance of Virgin Care. Mirror


13 November

Greenwich private bid for MSK service stopped (local)

Story citing Greenwich branch as the reason behind this success: well done Greenwich.

News Shopper:


14 November

Plans to cut services in STPs kept secret

The King’s Fund’s report on the massive cover-up surrounding STPs. Sky News and widely elsewhere:


Doctaly is no answer to the GP crisis

A counter-narrative to the stories a few weeks ago hailing this paid-for service, where people get a pay-per-consultation with a GP via an app. Catering to the worried well as the service collapses.

The Memo:


15 November

Tory MP calls for NHS charges

Most worrying point is that they now feel emboldened enough to raise it in Parliament.



Why NHS cuts terrify people in power

BBC’s take on the tactics used to engineer secrecy over STPs etc and the political motive behind them.


16 November


NHS leader says street protests could halt NHS plans

Chris Hopson’s remarks in the Telegraph. Pointed to by us in social media, causing a lot of interest—nhs-boss/


Private contract failings highlighted

‘Catalogue of failures’ in scathing report about UnitingCare’s botched handling of services for elderly and mentally ill in Cambridgshire. Alarming that the story focuses on the NHS’s ‘poor ability’ to outsource – NOT the manifest failings of the private company itself. Victim blaming? Independent:


Islington KONP triggers town hall meeting over threatened hospital (local)

A great result for Islington KONP, in Jeremy Corbyn’s constituency. Islington gazette


Horton Hospital campaigners demo at Oxford (local)

Banbury Guardian:


NHS Confederation warns “7 day NHS” cannot be run “just for convenience”

Argument on cost grounds. Telegraph:


18 November

Reading council leak STP (local)

Details show cuts to staff. Bracknell News:


Protest against NHS cuts at oxford (local)

As STP details made public. Oxford Mail:


STP plans kept quiet (Local)

South Warwicks KONP take the lead in this story. Well done SWKONP. Leamington Courier:


Warning over longer waiting times and cuts unless NHS gets more money

Citing Chris Hopson. Fairly straight reporting from the Mail:


Cost cutting plans for Berkshire leaked (local)

Concern over STPs even in this Tory heartland. Newbury Today:


A&E, cancer units and maternity units to close

National picture of STPs. Though we were not quoted, Denis Campbell liaised closely with national KONP in acquiring information for story. Guardian:


Norfolk cuts through STPs (local)

Norwich Evening News.


20 November


In-house NHS staff agency privatised secretively



Rural communities at risk from STPs (local)

Gain-saying the government mantra, ‘centralisation good’ – small comfort to anyone facing a 60+ mile blue-light journey to their nearest A&E. Yorkshire Post:


21 November


Two-thirds of doctors not consulted on STPs

BMA statement triggered this story. KONP was approached by Good Morning Britain for comment. This went out live nationally but was not uploaded to the website.


ITV news:




Health chief says Whittington Hospital is safe despite STP (local)

Camden New Journal:


Cameron’s and May’s policies have led to biggest cash crisis in NHS history



22 November


ID may be needed for non-elective care

Mark Porter’s remark pointing out that the sums involved in treating non-EU citizens come to about 1% of the budget deficit facing the NHS gives this perspective. Lending weight to the case that this is about distraction as the Autumn statement looms. Relying on xenophobia. BBC News:


KONP continues to receive calls nationally from national and regional outlets. Recent enquiries have included the Guardian, Good Morning Britain (ITV) and BBC Look North (for STPs).


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