Press Summary: 9 December

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6 December

Press summary logoAbility to cope with winter crisis worse


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GPs and KONP demand better consultation over STP (local)

Quote from South Wawicks KONP, well done. Leamington Spa Courier


GPs shut out of STP (local)

Another example of STPs excluding those they are meant to take advice from, with their shroud of rushed secrecy. Coventry Telegraph


2 December


Labour Ex-welfare minister recommends hypothecated funding for NHS



STPs could slash, trash and privatise NHS (local)

Local MP and GPs see risks in STP. Coventry Telegraph:


Campaigners warn council over care cuts (local)

Quote from Camden KONP’s Candy Udwin. Well done Candy.

Camden New Journal


Radical shake-up of NHS finances needed

Comprehensive review of the problem for a tabloid. Mirror:


NHS bosses blame patients for being old and fat

The ruthless depiction of the undeserving sick continues. Cambridgeshire this time.



Sun claims most juniors would back privatising the NHS

The Mirror once coined the phrase, ‘There are lies, damned lies, and Sun statistics’ – this is a perfect example. The Murdoch press at its dissent-crushing worst. Sun:


6 December


Ability to cope with winter crisis worse



Why the secret over STPs?



STP slammed for its inaccessible language (local)

Local MP says plan is ‘jargon’. Some of us knew that months ago..

Coventry Telegraph:


8 December

No consultation on STPs (local)

Southern Daily Echo:


Also for Coventry and Warwickshire. Stratford upon Avon Herald:


NHS Improvement ‘cracks down’ on temp bosses

The £2,000 per DAY wage bill shouldn’t surprise anyone: isn’t that the obscene inequality you ALWAYS get once you abandon any sense of public commitment? Marketise the system, in come the management consultants … Telegraph:


Trust bans NHS staff from negative comment on STPs (local)

Even for the NHS, this is an astoundingly effective shot in the foot. Also highly undemocratic and possibly unlawful. The very people you should be encouraging, you shut up? Southampton KONP reported as sending in damning letter to CCG; well done Southampton. Bournemouth Daily Echo/Dorset Echo:


Fears over future of NHS as STP published (local)

Quote from Anne Pollert, South Warwickshire KONP. Well done Anne.

Leamington Spa Courier


Ninety per cent of NHS still relying on Windows XP

Not especially relevant to us; but I found it hard to believe!

The Register:


Threat to Newquay’s community hospital (local)

KONP Cornwall get a mention; well done. Newquay Voice:


Recent enquiries to KONP nationally have included Talk Radio, BBC 5 Live, ITV News, and several freelance enquiries. Several branches are now sending in press releases – thank you. Please send to Alan Taman: [email protected]


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