Press Summary: 12 July

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The following stories were selected from those sent as daily alerts under the search term ‘NHS’, and ‘Keep Our NHS Public’ from the Google alerts service. Please send any comments to Alan: [email protected]


5 July


How to stop the destruction of the NHS

Allyson Pollock on the forthcoming reading of the NHS Bill in parliament on 13 July and the proximal and distal causes of the current mess. Guardian:

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Rachael Maskell backs NHS Bill

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy site:


6 July


Private company cuts and runs – yet still takes public money (local)

Stark profiteering from Cornwall Peninsula Community Health AFTER they end their NHS contract. If a local builder behaved like that, they’d end up on Rogue Trader! West Briton:


Lest we forget: stories about the NHS on its birthday (local)

Real people, real lives; why we fight! Get Surrey:



 7 July


Doctors’ ballot provokes widespread disappointment

On medica


GPs warned of ‘need for embracing change’ by head of GP development



8 July


Closure of child heart surgery units triggers outcry

Guardian and elsewhere. Difficult to say whether under-funding has exacerbated an already controversial service review which has been ongoing for several years.


NHS Bill to be put to parliament on 13 July

Open Democracy:


NHS finances back under scrutiny

High Pym’s piece concludes that the future of the NHS is far from certain. Masterful under-statement? BBC News.


10 July


7 Day NHS is unaffordable, says think-tank

In the Telegraph!


11 July


NHS budget will require staff cuts

BBC News;


NHS is best thing about this country (local)

North-east TUC boss on why the NHS should be fought for. Chronicle Live:


Why has former Addenbrookes chief been rewarded with new top NHS job?

Asking more pertinent questions than many mainstream national outlets, who in the main have simply accepted the appointment without criticism. Computing Research:


Basildon hospital faces further cuts (local)

Halstead Gazette:


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