Press Summary: 5 July

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The following stories were selected from those sent as daily alerts under the search term ‘NHS’, and ‘Keep Our NHS Public’ from the Google alerts service. Please send any comments to Alan: [email protected]

29 June

Referendum result: effects on NHS and social care

Over-view of likely damage to the NHS and social care. Guardian:

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GPs warned of ‘need for embracing change’ by head of GP development



30 June

Weekend events held by NHS campaigns (local)

Features pic of John Lister and Caroline Molloy. Well done Stroud.

Stroud News:


‘Labour health advisors’ angered by Health Campaigns Together

Essentially an attempt to discredit John McDonnell by asserting HCT was ‘undemocratic’ in setting up an advisory group to advise on health. Guardian:

Heidi Alexander attacks Health Campaigns Together, also Guardian. Heidi Alexander claimed she was not invited to the meeting organised by John McDonnell’s office at which HCT was suggested as the best channel to set an advisory group up; she did attend and her aide was there throughout the meeting:

This was picked up by Buzzfeed News:

Tony O’Sullivan successfully rebutted these claims in a letter to the Guardian, published 2 days later. Well done Tony: (this has remained the top ranking story found under ‘Keep Our NHS Public’ by Google News since its publication).


1 July

Beveridge would introduce charges if alive today

Heretical opinion piece in the Guardian:


Will a future government wash its hands of the NHS?

Analysis of post-Brexit landscape by Kailash Chand. OurNHS:


2 July

NHS reform plans arrogant (local)

Refreshing criticism of NHS plans by Warrington Council lead. BBC News (Manchester):


Brexit already delaying drug treatment funding



Campaigners rally against NHS cuts (local)

ITV North-East:


Campaigners to rally on NHS birthday (local)

Stroud Against the Cuts gaining some pre-publicity. Well done again Stroud. Shows the benefit of building a good relationship with local press. Stroud News:


Fall in pound post-Brexit could create extra £900m bill for NHS

Health Service Journal:


Cameron rejects BMA appeal for more cash for NHS

Is anyone surprised? Guardian:


GPs warn child mental health services failing

Worsening CAMHS provision, legacy of years of cuts. Guardian:


5 July

NHS finance chiefs warn of poorer care and longer waiting times



Liverpool councillor warns against Devolution (local)

Liverpool Echo:


Chichester campaigners protest against STP (local)

Chichester Observer:


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