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Our Video Listing is a chronological list (headed by the latest) of videos and AV resources which we think will be useful for campaigners and researchers. If we have uploaded to our site, it is with permission of the producers of the resource. Otherwise, links are to films in the public domain at other sites. The sources are mainly weblinks. We would be happy to receive suggestions for adding to this resource. Email us at

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Horizon: Diagnosis on Demand? The Computer Will See You Now[ November 2018 ]

BBC Horizon Dr Hannah Fry uncovers the inside story of a healthcare revolution, with behind-the-scenes access to Babylon Health, who want to prove that their AI is a match for human GPs. Features KONP campaigners.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: What is an Integrated Care Provider?[ October 2018 ]

The new restructuring plans which could see the NHS managed by something called 'Inegrated Care Providers' are yet another way the Government intends to private frims put profit before patient safety.

We Own It - Say No to SubCO[ September 2018 ]

We Own It's Twitter video succinctly details how the current Government are facilitating sneaky, back-door privatisation of Our NHS

The Naylor Review - What you need to know[ August 2018 ]

The 2017 'Naylor Review' proposes selling up to £5.7billion-worth of NHS land and buildings. As well as empty sites, the Government plans to sell ‘inefficiently used’ buildings. This will then rented back to the NHS at extortionate rates. This can't be allowed to happen.

Tabling of the NHS Reinstatement Bill[ July 2018 ]

Campaigners turned out to cheer on Eleanor Smith MP as she presented a 10 minute rule bill to reinstate the NHS. John Ashworth and Eleanor Smith feature as do Bill Co-Author Peter Roderick and KONP Co-Chair Tony O' Sullivan

Best Gift You Can Give NHS on 70th Anniversary[ July 2018 ]

Watch Dr Ameen Kamlana from the Campaign for the NHS Reinstatement Bill talk about how you can make a difference and support Our NHS

Keep Our NHS Public AGM 2018 - David McCoy Lecture[ June 2018 ]

"Assessing and Comparing the NHS to European systems of healthcare" A fantastic talk given at KONP's recent members conference and AGM by David McCoy from the Centre for Primary Care and Public Health and Queen Mary's London.

Tony O Sullivan at the Our NHS is 70 demonstrations[ June 2018 ]

KONP Co-Chair, Tony O'Sullivan, speaks to the crowds at Our NHS is 70 demonstration in London on the 30th June 2018

Our NHS at 70 - Migrants make our NHS block [ June 2018 ]

Love of Peace have created a lovely video from the 30th June when 10's of thousands hit the streets of London to celebrate the NHS' 70th year and protest against the Government's treatment of our most valued public service.

NHS Protest Newcastle 2018 - Daniel Wilkinson[ March 2018 ]

An example of a brilliant regional demonstration courtesy of KONP North East one of our local groups. Includes an interview with Stephen Tompkinson and some members of the public

Evidence to the Health and Social Care Committee[ February 2018 ]

On Tuesday 27 February Keep Our NHS Public gave oral evidence to the Commons Health & Social Care Committee (HSC) inquiry into Sustainability and Transformation Plans and Accountable Care Systems and Organisations. Tony O’Sullivan (KONP) joined the panel including three participants in the Judicial Review for the NHS – Professor Allyson Pollock, Dr Colin Hutchinson (Doctors for the NHS) and Dr Graham Winyard.

Speeches from the emergency NHS in Crisis: Fix it Now! demonstration on Saturday 3 February 2018[ February 2018 ]

The People's Assembly Against Austerity shared their Facebook video of the speeches from the day of protest in London that over 60000 people attended. Speaking on behalf of KONP and Health Campaigns Together KONP Co-Chair, Tony O’Sullivan, joined other amazing speakers on the platform at Downing Street to demand the Government properly fund Our NHS. Tony can be heard from 37.30 onwards

How does the NHS in England work: An alternative guide - The King's Fund[ October 2017 ]

A 6 minute video giving an overview of how the NHS is structured and how it's changed as a result of the 2012 Health and Social Care Act. This is really good viewing if you are new to Health Campaigning and need an overview of what the Government has changed.

Professor Stephen Hawking Keynote Lecture at ‘Talk NHS’ conference 19 August 2017[ August 2017 ]

In this keynote lecture at the 'Talk NHS' public debate, Professor Stephen Hawking gives his thoughts and personal experience on the NHS today. Including thoughts on the state of the NHS, how did we get here and what is the likely future for our health system.

Audio recording of Dr Graham Winyard discussing ACOs - Soundcloud[ March 2018 ]

Dr Graham Winyard, former Deputy Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director, NHS England and one of the people challenging the ACO contract in court explains to The Kingsfund why he thinks they are a bad idea.

Fact Check the NHS: Immigrants – Junior Doctor Blog[ May 2017 ]

A 5 minute video presenting facts and figures busting myths around 'Health Tourism' and immigration as a primary drain on the NHS.

The NHS: A Visual Essay - Junior Doctor Blog[ April 2017 ]

A 10 minute video detailing how the current Government have deliberately underfunded our NHS and how this has left our NHS vulnerable to privatisation.

#OurNHS Promo – NHS Roadshow[ February 2017 ]

Ahead of the General Election NHS Roadshow and KONP and other campaigners created some videos to help show people why they should #voteNHS.