Stop the GP takeover

In February of this year Operose Health, a subsidiary of US health care company Centene, acquired over 50 GP surgeries, and with them over 500,000 unwitting NHS patients. Here's why Keep Our NHS Public believes the privatisation of GP surgeries is so problematic.

Keep Our NHS Public is committed to exposing this creeping privatisation of our primary care and our local groups have organised a wide range of resources to help activists organise their own campaigns, which you can find in the table below.

We are holding a day of action to stop the Centene take-over on 22 April, outside GP surgeries affected by the move. Find out if there is an action for you to join on our event page.

Social media

This American company is taking over our GP surgery
What would you do if your GP surgery closed because it wasn't profitable?
Tell the Clinical Commissioning Group to get Centene out of our GP surgery nowQ


A template letter aimed at councillors and MPs in Operose takeover areas, for you to tailor to your area.
A template letter aimed at an MP in an Operose takeover area – this is more detailed and includes more specific requests for their help in securing information.
A general template motion on Alternative Provider contracts for party and union branches.
A motion drafted by campaigners in Haringey – a useful start for areas where Operose has recently taken over surgeries.
Dummy press release on Operose surgeries – with advice on the best way to write/structure a press release.


A profiteering US health insurance company is laying its eggs in the NHS nest.