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The People’s Covid Inquiry wants to hear your stories and experiences of COVID-19, to gather evidence from as many people as possible about the personal impact of the pandemic on our health, work and wellbeing.

Across the eight inquiry sessions, the panel are hearing from a wide range of witnesses, from professors of public health to frontline NHS staff and more. However, eight sessions only offers a limited amount of time, and we want this inquiry to be as far reaching as possible, reflecting the fact that everyone in the UK has had a unique and varied experience of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With this in mind, Keep Our NHS Public have launched a public survey, running alongside the Inquiry.

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What has been revealed so far?

92% of people surveyed think the Government’s timings of the lockdowns led to higher numbers of deaths and infections (this turned out to be true).

72% of people felt that the Government’s messaging made it unclear or very unclear as to what we were meant to do in each lockdown period.

Overall, 95% of people rate the Government's handling of the pandemic as poor or very poor.

People have shared personal stories, like these NHS workers:

“I was fortunate to never have any major issues with my mental health but working in hospital during the pandemic brought on huge anxiety and PTSD. I have experienced vivid flashbacks and had my first ever panic attack as a consequence of my experiences nursing through covid.”


“My daughter has been left with more mental health issues and will not leave the house due to severe anxiety, there is no support in place for these children as all are still closed and waiting times for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) is 18 months, this is unacceptable.”

and students:

“The government continued to change the advice given which in turn made me feel more endangered [by] the virus and also impacted my mental health and ultimately my family's physical health.”

Make sure your voice is heard

The testimony gathered from the survey will feed into the Inquiry sessions, and provide the basis for recommendations on the provision of health and social care in the UK, including the future funding and organisation of the NHS. The survey takes around 10-15 minutes to complete and encompasses topics from lockdown and employment to mental health and education.

Get involved and share your experiences of the past year, to ensure that the People’s Covid Inquiry reflects as many of our experiences of the pandemic as possible.

Take the survey

The People’s Covid Inquiry is determined to learn lessons and save lives. Add your experience via our survey to ensure these lessons are as wide reaching as possible.

You can take the survey on SurveyMonkey

Session 5: Inequalities and discrimination. Register on Zoom

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