Bursary or Bust Demo 4 June London

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The Bursary or Bust demo in London this Saturday promises to be big – please be there if you can. 

Details from the Bursary or Bust Campaign:


Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7EH (nearest tube, Westminster)
Twitter #bursaryorbust @nhsbursarycuts
Facebook Group: nhsbursarycutsforum
#Bursaryorbust is a grassroots campaign set up by students to save the NHS bursary and oppose the imposition of tuition fees on health care students.

The NHS bursary gives means tested financial support to those studying to be nurses, midwives and allied health professionals. In the 2015 Autumn Statement, Georges Osborne announced plans to axe the NHS Bursary and replace it with a system of loans. We believe axing the NHS Bursary is unfair and unsafe.

Firstly, students work on placement for up to 50% of their courses. We believe that paying to work is wrong.

Second it is a dangerous assumption that the introduction of fees will allow more students to study and reduce the recruitment crisis in the NHS. There is already a chronic mentor shortage and a sudden influx of new students would put enormous pressure on placements, presenting patient safety issues that the government refuses to address.

Thirdly, prospective students are unlikely to be incentivised by debts of over £50,000 when starting salaries are just over £21,000 and salary progression is often slow. Healthcare students are also more likely to be mature students with debts from previous degrees and will not be willing or able to take on more.

A consultation is currently taking place about axing the NHS Bursary and we intend to highlight the devastating effect of this proposal. We need a future workforce that is passionate and supported, not one demoralised and devalued before they even start. Join us on our demonstration and make your voice heard! We need every single person who loves the NHS to come together and fight for its future.

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