Pledge: Hands off our NHS

Hands off Our NHS banner showing MPs

Will your MP act to protect the NHS?

A General Election is on the horizon - and the future of our NHS hangs in the balance, as the government moves to negotiate a trade deal with Donald Trump that threatens our healthcare.

Will your MP do what it takes to protect our NHS from trade deals?

The only way to take the NHS ‘off the table’ in a trade deal is with strong new legislation which ends privatisation for good. We Own It is campaigning with Keep Our NHS Public and many other organisations to make this happen.

Ask your MP to take the pledge, so that you can vote for someone who will stand up for our NHS:

Write to your MP

Please note: When we say 'MP', we mean people who served in the 2017-2019 parliament, which has now dissolved for the election period.
Heading to some hustings? Get your parliamentary candidates to make the pledge with our NHS Trade pledge placard and selfie poster

Find out more about the pledge from Keep Our NHS Public member Sonia Adesara:

5 ways to save the NHS from Trump's trade deal

Do you want to make sure the NHS won't be part of a trade deal with the US? Here are Dr. Sonia Adesara's 5 ways to protect the NHS from Trump's trade dealThe petition: pic:*****PS: We're proudly 100% people powered:

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