How Come We Didn’t Know?

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How Come We Didn't Know? is a terrifying photographic exhibition by artist photographer Marion Macalpine of Hackney Keep Our NHS Public about the under-reported, shocking not to mention damaging corporate take-over of the NHS.

Keep Our NHS Public is co-hosting a viewing of the exhibition in the Houses of Parliament to inform and influence parliamentary political figures many of whom are woefully unaware what is happening on their watch.

How Come We Didn’t Know? photographic exhibition is showing at the House of Commons Wednesday 13th March 2019, 6.30pm to 8pm.  

The viewing will be hosted by Eleanor Smith MP, with speakers  from John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor, Allyson Pollock, co-author of the NHS Bill and Tony O’Sullivan, Co-Chair of Keep Our NHS Public.

If you're interesting in attending please email: [email protected]

The exhibition explores the diverse forms that privatisation takes, including PFI contracts; private health companies masquerading as NHS including many GP clinics and diagnostic centres; private hospitals which cherry-pick ‘low risk’ patients; lucrative contracts for highly specialist treatment; healthcare corporations with a history of fraud or tax avoidance. The exhibition highlights critical links between politicians at all levels and private healthcare corporations

The event is on the Keep Our NHS Public Website here.

Marion MacAlpine at one of her exhibitions with Caroline Lucas MP

 The exhibition circulating the country since 2014, has now been updated to include panels on so-called Integrated Care Systems and Integrated Care Organisations. It also explores the scandalously poor care practice that is no barrier to winning new contracts;  private corporations driving government policy on dangerous so-called ‘free trade deals that will open up the UK even further to major corporations, notably from the US.

The exhibition highlights the ‘revolving door’  between politicians at all levels and private healthcare corporations.

You can find out more about the exhibition and view some of the slides here.

The original version of this exhibition has previously been displayed in Ascot, Birkenhead Art Gallery, Brighton, Cambridge, Chichester,  Cheltenham, Deal, Enfield,  Hackney, Hammersmith, Haringey, Lambeth, Liverpool Central Library and the Unite building, Newcastle, Norwich, Sheffield, Southampton, Stroud, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest, Whitstable, the Wirral, and  at the conferences of both Keep Our NHS Public and Health Campaigns Together.

Below are some images of recent showings of the exhibition:

These are some of the comments viewers have made:

The information was overwhelming and shocking. It should be in the news every day but I can imagine why it is not.  I am glad I came to the exhibition.

This is a brilliant exhibition - terrifying and incredible because it is so direct, easy to take in and understand the huge implications for all of us

Superb work - informative, important and a bit of hope for the future.

This has made me so angry! How come we didn’t know indeed!

Thank you for this exhibition - it’s a revelation!

A real eye opener about a topic which I knew little about. Keep fighting the good fight.

Frightening. Real.  Believe it.

Brilliantly revealing and information and absolutely shocking. Needs to be widely shown and publicised. Thank you.

The exhibition is available to hire (free of charge with a full refundable deposit for damages) and could be a brilliant tool to kick-start activity in your area.  

Can you use it to start or build a local campaign to Keep Our NHS Public?  Please contact Marion on [email protected] to discuss how you could use it.

Join Keep Our NHS Public today!

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