Newsletter – May 2016

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STP leaflets available on the website

We have a new Leaflet on Sustainability and Transformation Plans, the planned imposition of which this year is posing a major threat to our NHS in England. It is available to order on the website now, just go here.

To find out more about STP we recommend John Lister's very informative articles in the HCT newspaper (PDF).

Local victory against Future Fit

Shrewsbury KONP participated in a great local campaign against a cuts and closure plan that could have entailed the closing of an A&E.

80 members of the public, including Gill George and other members of Shrewsbury KONP attended an 'Extraordinary Joint CCG Board Meeting' where health bosses were planning to sign off the closing of the A&E. However due to the efforts of KONP and other local campaigners the board of Shropshire CCG voted against its own Chair and accountable officer, to have this overturned, that's unprecedented. This is a massive blow to the appalling 'Future Fit' project.

In memory of Tony Marshall

Tony Marshall, a tireless campaigner in our fight to defend the NHS sadly passed away in April. Just days before his death Tony spearheaded a huge local victory along with others in Camden KONP, in preventing the North London out-of-hours GP contract being awarded to Care UK. KONP will sorely miss the valuable contribution Tony made to our campaign, and extend our condolences to his family at this time.

KONP Fund Drive

As you may know, KONP is urgently raising funds to enable us to campaign. If you have donated recently, thank you very much. Please ask your friends and family. If not please consider donating here.

NHS News

Ambulance privatisation descends into "total shambles"

Staff at Royal Sussex County hospital have had to stay until midnight, to ensure adequate care for kidney and cancer patients who arrived hours after their scheduled start time. Coperforma, the company that has replaced the NHS's south east coast ambulance service, have been so unable to cope with the demands that vehicles have picked up patients that have already passed away.

Read more about the chaos being caused by the inadequate services being provided by this private company at The Guardian.

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