NHS Bill Rally Wednesday: Support the Bill!

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NHS over commons

RALLY AT PARLIAMENT 12.30-14.00 WEDNESDAY 13TH JULY to support the Bill’s presentation under the ’10 minute rule’.

Between College Green and St Margaret’s Church, on the triangular wide pavement area near the statue of King George V. Opposite from the public entrance to Parliament, Abingdon Street, London.

Nearest tube: Westminster

Please bring campaign banners, placards etc.
There will be at least one megaphone available for speeches for the duration of the rally.

Tony O’Sullivan

Keep Our NHS Public Co-Chair

Press release from Margaret Greenwood, MP (Labour), who is presenting the Bill on 13 July under the ’10 minute rule’ in Parliament. Please come and support Margaret if you can.

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  1. The NHS is the basis for a civilised society, we already have a very unequal society and this would make inequality even worse. The privitisation of the NHS would be a betrayal of the people of this country. No one has the right or mandate to destroy a health service that we pay into as part of a social contract between those who govern and those that are elected to represent the will of the people. American healthcare is corrupt and is not fit for purpose, do not import this expensive and sub-standard system in to our country.

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