No to Trump Trade Deal: 5 things you can do

On or off the table, Keep Our NHS Public is clear why we don't want the Trump administration anywhere near our NHS.

Whatever Donald Trump says about the NHS being off the table again, the fact is that – thanks to the 2012 Health and Social Care Act – parts of the NHS have been opened up to European and American markets in a big way for the last 6 years, even worse than under the governments of Thatcher and Blair. As we move into uncertain times, vultures are beginning to circle and things could get worse again. A trade agreement between this Conservative Government and the Trump administration would have dire consequences for the NHS as a universal, free, publicly owned and publicly run service.

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We're clear that we want Donald Trump nowhere near our NHS. But Keep Our NHS Public doesn't just want to stop one potential Transatlantic sell-off. We won’t rest until our NHS is fully back in public hands – free for all, forever!

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If you want to help the campaign behind the massive petition 'Donald Trump: Hands Off Our NHS!' and make sure we have an NHS that offers world class services now and future generations, here's five things we're asking you to do:

Sign the petition or ask a friend

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Write to your MP

Please write to your Member of Parliament and ask them to tell Boris Johnson we need new, strong legislation to protect the NHS.

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