Press Summary – 19th December

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Labour report that there are 100000 vacant jobs across the NHS

19th December 2017

Theresa May has been warned over a deepening crisis in the health service as new figures were uncovered by Labour to show more than 100,000 NHS posts are lying vacant. The figures were discovered through a series of freedom of information requests to more than 80 NHS trusts

Nursing Times – More needs to be done to retain staff

The Metro – There are more than 100,000 vacant jobs across the NHS

The Guardian Film – NHS hospitals unable to fill thousands of vacant posts, Labour says

The Times – More than 100,000 vacant NHS posts

The Independent – Labour warns of NHS ‘disaster’ as 100,000 jobs across organisation lie empty

The Evening Standard – Labour warns of NHS ‘disaster’ as more than 100,000 posts are unfilled

The I – Health service has more than 100,000 vacancies and half of NHS staff are working overtime for free

Nursing Notes – NHS short of more than 100,000 staff

The Daily Mail – More than 100,000 full-time NHS posts are unfilled, says Labour: Biggest recruitment crisis is in nursing with 43,000 jobs vacant

Study finds that NHS takes 40 days to diagnose patients with Cancer

19th December 2017

NHS England’s target of 28 days is not being met. Please see our post on Bob Kerslake’s recent resignation detailing how targets are not being met due to underfunding.

The Independent – NHS takes 40 days to diagnose people with cancer, study finds

The Mirror – NHS takes 40 days to tell patients if they have cancer – well short of government’s 28-day target

GP Daily – Half of patients visiting GP with cancer are diagnosed within 40 days

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