Press Summary: 15 January

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13 January

 Junior Doctors’ strike

Commentary from Owen Jones in the Guardian:

18 more stories

Steve Bell cartoon on Tories and the NHS, Guardian:

Nearly half of doctors worked during strike, Guardian:

Sympathetic report from the Bristol Post (local);

Sandwell Hospital ‘bullying’ tactic by declaring ‘major incident’ minutes before strike starts:

[Local contacts have confirmed that patient numbers that morning were no higher than on Boxing Day, when no such incident was declared but staffing levels were the same as 12 Jan. This is being taken up locally via the KONP group.]

Insightful analysis of Hunt’s true tactics by the Huffington Post:

Analysis of strike in the Financial Times (paywall):

Even-handed ‘for/against’ cover by Southend Echo, including quote from KONP contact Norman Traub (local):

Support for strike at Salford: sympathetic piece (local)

Salford Star:

…and Merseyside KONP’s Sam Semoff’s words to the pickets at the Royal Liverpool Hospital – from inside the hospital as an inpatient – were widely reported. By local BBC radio, The Liverpool Echo:


The Daily Mirror:

Also on this site:

Agency spend doubles (local)

Portsmouth News

2016 ‘make or break’ time for NHS

Appeal for longer-term planning



14 January

Junior Doctors

Supporters offered strikers pizza

Independent: (includes a quote from local KONP group)

[This could well indicate a measure of desperation as reporters cast around for ‘new’ angles on the strike, especially if the second one goes ahead: this presents opportunities for local groups to approach their local press before the strike and remind them of KONP’s position.]


GPs quit in Essex because of insufficient funding

BBC News:


Virgin win hospital contract in Kent (local)

But encouraging use of ‘privatisation’ in headline, at least; Kent Echo:


Healthwatch challenges CCGs in Norfolk (local)

Questioning why area needs so many. Eastern Daily Press:


15 January

A&E patients waiting too long



STOP PRESS: There’s a Better Way…

You can now get alerts sent about health stories yourself. This is much better than a regular, ‘supplied’ service because you can choose what key words trigger the alerts: “Keep Our NHS Pubic”, “NHS”, “health” – your choice. Then you can adjust the settings to improve the coverage. This has the added advantage that local stories to you can be searched for, as well as national. Alerts can be set up to send you an e-mail as a story breaks, or summarise them under headings you decide once a day.

This is done through Google news and Google alerts: free services anyone can set up. To find out how to do this, go to the Steering Group, News & Events section and look for the “starter set of instructions”.

… and please don’t forget, your smartphone or tablet will have free apps that look for and filter news, too: try configuring those for health stories, or the NHS, as well.

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