Opening all schools: an avoidable disaster

31 December 2020 Keep Our NHS Public 0

The political leadership Britain is completely failing to contain the Covid-19 pandemic. Since March government policy on lockdowns, on testing, on pushing to re-open businesses and keep education institutions open have directly contributed to the rise in the infection rates and to the spiraling death toll. We must impose a national lockdown and keep all schools closed.

10 Ways the Government has failed us over Covid

23 December 2020 Keep Our NHS Public 5

The government’s handling of the pandemic has been a disaster from the start.  Ministers have shown themselves unwilling or incapable of learning from mistakes. Here are Keep Our NHS Public’s 10 ways we’ve been failed by the government over the Covid crisis.

Time to take responsibility for Covid failures

21 December 2020 Keep Our NHS Public 2

There can no longer be any excuses for this government and its deadly litany of failures. Boris Johnson and the current conservative government have proved themselves, morally, ideologically and professionally incapable of keeping the people of this country safe. It’s time we held them to account, it’s time they took responsibility.