#VoteNHS Roadshow GE2019

NHS campaigners, concerned patients and NHS staff are holding events across the country to highlight the unprecedented crisis the NHS faces under the Conservative Government and to convince the public: ‘Don’t vote Tory, #VoteNHS’.

The inspiration for this tour of events is the NHS Roadshow initiative that took off during the 2017 election. Featuring concerned health workers alongside campaigners and local residents, these events played a key role in shifting the focus of discussion towards the NHS and exposing the Conservative Party's parlous record of cuts and privatisation.

The 2017 election may have weakened the Tory government, but it hasn't slowed their agenda of destruction for our health services. In fact, two years on, our NHS faces an even worse crisis: staff shortages are running at 100,000 and rising, while some 80,000 operations were cancelled last year. Doctors say that this year's winter crisis will be the worst in history; already many patients are dying untreated in queues and on trolleys in hospital corridors.

For this reason, we are bringing back the NHS Roadshow for 2017. Campaigners, health workers and supporters are holding diverse events up and down the country - from rallies and public meetings to local street stalls and election hustings - to urge the public to #VoteNHS. If you're concerned about the future of our health service, we're asking you to get active in whatever way you feel you can - whether it's a street stall, a public meeting, or anything else you can do - and we are here to offer help and support to you in doing so.

Getting involved

If you want to get involved in our #VoteNHS election effort, please fill out the "Get Involved" form!

To download our PDF guide with practical advice on how to organise events - click here.

To find your nearest existing local Keep Our NHS Public group, click here.

To download our Hustings Guide, with useful questions on NHS questions to put to MPs and candidates from the different parties, click here click here.

Link to NHS roadshow Facebook group

For more info: [email protected]

We've also designed a reusable and customisable local leaflet that can be adapted to advertise events happening around the country.

Check out the leaflet design here:

Click here to download and print the adaptable leaflet

#VoteNHS Roadshow
#VoteNHS Roadshow