#VoteNHS GE2019

Welcome to the engine room of our #VoteNHS campaign for the 2019 General Election! We are building a  campaign up and down the country to save our NHS and get rid of this Tory government - and we want you involved!

To read more about why we are campaigning for voters to vote against the Conservative Party in this election and to top up your knowledge of NHS issues, see our Where we stand: election statement and our article "Ten things every voter should know about the NHS"

'So you're thinking of voting Conservative 2019' Video

Check and share widely our #GE2019 campaign video:

What you can do

To turn the tables on this Conservative government, we need as many people as possible taking action by any means they can: canvassing, leafleting on the street, conversations with friends and family, social media, and more. To get involved, read through the different kinds of campaigning activity listed below, then fill out the "Get Involved" form here to let us know what you are willing to do. Remember you can also find your nearest local-level Keep Our NHS Public campaigning group at any time through our Local Groups page.

One of the easiest thing you can do is give as generously as possible to our #NHSforAll Crowdfunding campaign!

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If you want to hit the streets - and we highly recommend you do - you can download these leaflets here: 

Download our GE2019 leaflet#1 here - see below for more leaflets and GE2019 materials

Download our GE2019 leaflet#2 here - see below for more leaflets and GE2019 materials


We need people to:

  • Help organise the #VoteNHS Roadshow tour

We've now put together a useful #VoteNHS Roadshow resource page that explains a bit more about the roadshow, with leaflet artwork and a step by step guide for making it happen:

#VoteNHS Roadshow

Click here to take a look

If you want to get involved please email campaigns@keepournhspublic.com or fill in the form.

  • Campaign with your local Keep Our NHS Public group

We have about 65 local groups around the country, which you can view and search on our Local Groups page. These are the frontline of our NHS campaigning, and they will be the basis of our national #HandsOffOurNHS #VoteNHS #NHSforAll, campaign.

Different groups make their own decisions about local campaigning priorities and targets, based on their knowledge of the local political landscape. On the Local Groups page you can find your nearest group and contact them to offer your help.

  • Volunteer at our national office in London

As a not-for-profit organisation with no corporate or government funding, Keep Our NHS Public has only a small part-time office staff, based at our office in Hackney, London. In a General Election, we need to up our game considerably to keep firing on all cylinders. From stuffing envelopes to answering the phone to other volunteers, there are all kinds of things that help us in our campaigning activity.

To let us know you want to do any of the above, fill out our "Get involved" form  to get started!

Leaflets and online materials

Visit our GE19 #VoteNHS campaign resource page for more.

We provide all leaflets free for the price of postage.

Check out our Don't vote Tory, #VoteNHS General Election 2019 leaflet here:

You can download the pdf to print here

Click here to place your orders for our brand new General Election leaflet

Save the NHS from a Trump trade deal

As part of our election campaigning we're continuing our joint campaign with We Own It to highlight the immediate danger facing the NHS in trade deals, until commercial contracts and privatisation are ended in the NHS.

We'll be asking MPs to sign our #HandsOffOurNHS pledge. You can find more information about the campaign here and download an image to use in your campaigning here.

By checking the voting record of your local MP on the NHS, on trade, on austerity and more you can better tailor your local campaigning activity. Use the TheyWorkForYou tool here, to find out where your MP stands on the things that count.


Please remember to sign up to our mailing list here. And if you're feeling generous and impressed with our work, please check out our donations page here. Feel free to contact us to ask a question - please email nationaladmin@keepournhspublic.com

Don't vote Tory, #VoteNHS