One million sign Trump petition

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Over one million of you have signed our petition to keep Trump's hands off our NHS!

Thank you so much for helping us reach this major milestone, just in time for the most important election in a generation this Thursday 12 December.

When Keep Our NHS Public member Sonia Adesara launched the petition in June we had no idea how huge this petition would be. Yet, in just 24 hours over 230,000 of you signed the petition telling Trump that he wasn't welcome to our NHS. And the signatures kept on coming, and now we are in an incredibly strong position to show the next Government the NHS is not for sale now over one million of you have agreed with us.

Our petition has received major national press attention and has helped keep people aware of our crucial fight to ensure the NHS is not part of any future trade deals with the US, or other countries. It has played a key role ensuring the future of the NHS is a key election battleground, as the so much of the debate has focused on the threats the NHS faces due to underfunding, privatisation and future trade deals. Without it we may not have seen Boris Johnson and his fellow Conservatives scrutinised over their plans for the future of the NHS, so thank you.

Join us as we present the petition to the Conservative Party today at 1.30pm.

Please join our protest and petition hand in where we’ll be assembling at Conservative party HQ to make sure they know which political party we blame for the most devastating attacks on our NHS over the last decade, then marching to 10 Downing Street to hand over the ONE MILLION strong petition.

Please join us at 1:30pm, Conservative party HQ (4 Matthew Parker Street, near Parliament Square in Westminster) – then march to 10 Downing Street, to hand the petition.

Bring your banners, wear your scrubs if you’re NHS staff and be ready to make lots and lots of noise!!

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