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Donald Trump has caused a storm of outrage with his plans to put the NHS “on the table” in a predatory trade deal with US private healthcare interests. Over 200,000 people in 24 hours have signed a petition initiated by Keep Our NHS Public member Dr Sonia Adesara, calling on the government not to offer up NHS services to the private US interests represented by Trump.

But signing a petition is just a start.

At KONP we believe that the long-term drive to privatise and carve up NHS services can only be halted by sustained campaigning at local and national level, bringing pressure to bear on politicians through mass public protest from patients, health workers and members of the public.

We’re clear that we want Donald Trump nowhere near our NHS. But Keep Our NHS Public doesn’t just want to stop one potential Transatlantic sell-off. We won’t rest until our NHS is fully back in public hands – free for all, forever!

Find out more about our position on NHS trade deals here

We’ve also put together: FIVE QUICK THINGS YOU CAN DO TO HELP

The main thing though of course is we want to grow our campaign into a mass movement. If you agree with our vision, join KONP today! Membership can cost as little as £7.50 per year, and you’ll be joining a nationwide community of health workers with enormous skill, knowledge and determination, who work around a range of issues, from the closure of local hospital facilities through to racist immigration checks in NHS services.

We don’t only want to stop one potential Transatlantic sell-off. We won’t rest until our NHS is fully back in public hands – free for all, forever!



Another way you can support is by making a donation. Unlike the other side, we don’t have big corporate finance or professional lobbying firms to fight our corner – only millions of ordinary people who love and care for our NHS. Making a one-off or, even better, a regular donation to KONP directly helps us campaign in defence of NHS services.






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  1. Inependent health service research by the American Commonwealth Fund showed in 2014, before privatisation of the NHS began that the NHS ranked 1st worldwide overall. It cost 3, 405 dollars (US) annually, per head of population. The American system was ranked 11th overall but cost 8,508 dollars US perhead annually.

  2. Having lived in the US, and experienced the cost of medical care – it
    can be horrendous and the last thing you need if you are sick.

    The United States are brilliant at most everything, so why do they
    not produce their own Health Service for their own countrymen, instead
    of wanting to ‘no doubt take over ours!

  3. We fought too be English, now leave us be English!…. We once ruled the world, and now the Government (Consevatives), have made this an a absolute joke of a country!!…..

  4. Demand for medical services is bottomless and funding can never meet demand. It can never make a profit and no one will ‘buy’ it. This such rubbish!

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